Screening of the documentary “Refugee Students” in Georgia

The documentary “Refugee Students” travelled to Georgia for a screening on March 13th 2023.

The event was attended by alumni of GIZ’s program “Migration and Diaspora” together with their employers. The event was also attended by Masters students, who currently pursue Migration Studies in Georgian HEIs. The audience was of approximately 40 attendees.

The Documentary was very well received by the participants, and welcomed positive by the audience.

One of the teachers in the Georgian HEIs invited to the event shared a letter. He confirmed that the screening was interesting and informative, but most importantly he praised the way it drew attention to the challenges that young people studying in foreign counties must overcome, being them visa difficulties, integration into a foreign culture, or the language barrier at the initial stage.

In his own words:

“The Director, Leonardo Cinieri Lombroso, clearly conveyed the challenges that migrant students face, and therefore, I would like this film to be shown in university and educational spaces as well, so that the awareness of the society can be further raised in this direction, and we become more in solidarity with those foreign students who are trying to getting an education in Georgia.”

The UNI(di)VERSITY Partners are proud of this result and open for new screening all over Europe!