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Section 1 - Basic information

Logo of your university
Please be sure to upload high-resolution files in standard formats, such as .png, or .jpeg. Please use a high-resolution file with a transparent background.

Video Message
You are invited to share a short video expressing support for the mission and work of UNI(di)VERSITY. These videos should feature the principal/leader of your organisation. There is not a strict formula for the videos. All submitted videos should explicitly mention the UNI4DIVERSITY campaign launched by the UNI(di)VERSITY project and briefly explain why your university has joined this collaborative effort. The video should be approximately 60 seconds in length and no longer than about 75 seconds You are kindly asked to provide a YouTube link. Thank You

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Social Media Channels
Main social media channels of your university

Section 2 - Contacts

Primary contact for the UNI4DIVERSITY campaign:

Phone number with country code
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Section 3 - Commitments

Overarching Missions
The UNI4DIVERSITY campaign has three overarching missions focused on the inclusion strategies with a focus on integration of refugees and migrants into higher education. Please select the missions your organization is able to support. We encourage support of all three missions.

University’s commitments
Please describe your university’s commitments and capabilities to advance these missions and to foster inclusion in higher education with a focus on the integration of migrants and refugees.

Our Commitment
Please condense the description of your university’s commitment. On the public website, this text will appear under a heading titled 'Our Commitment. (max 200 words)

The website will also feature a link to information about your organisation’s institutional strategy and initiatives towards inclusion. Please try to ensure that the link points to information with a specific focus on the integration of migrants and refugees.

Action areas
Please select the action areas your university wishes to support.

Please specify what your university can do to advance progress toward the action areas you specified. Please be as precise as possible, highlighting any commitments.