University Commitments

Many universities in Europe embraced the key responsibility of HEIs with regards to the phenomenon of migration, and the promotion of social inclusion and cultural diversity in European societies. Higher Education Institution have committed to inclusion through the creation of dedicated committees, offices and services, by appointing leaders in charge of diversity management, and by developing specific strategies to institutionalize their commitment. Success stories and inspiring examples are reported in the Atlas of Inclusion and have been shared during the #uni4diversity awareness campaign.

In the framework of the UNI(di)VERSITY project, European universities have shown their commitment towards inclusion, with a particular focus on refugees and migrants, through their staff members taking part in the project Staff Training week and sharing wishes for more inclusive universities in Europe

Training of human resources

The Staff Training week on Strategies for inclusion of refugees and migrants in European Universities of the UNI(di)VERSITY project saw the participation of 36 staff members from Europe. 

By having their staff trained, 26 European Universities from 13 countries took the decision to dedicate resources to the university third mission, in particular to the inclusion of migrants and refugees. The participants worked actively during the week to have their institutions advance in the development of strategies for inclusion, intercultural communication, structural actions for diversity management, and more. Two main activities were designed to support universities: a workshop on identifying the key elements for the development of a strategic plan on diversity management and inclusion of migrants and refugees; and a workshop on assessing the institution’s maturity in relation to migration-related issues.

We firmly believe that by taking part in the UNI(di)VERSITY Staff Training week, the 26 European institution and their staff members clearly took a stand in favour of inclusion. 


During the Staff Training Week held in Sapienza in May 2022, testimonials have been collected where the participant staff members express their position towards inclusion.

In the beautiful local of the Botanical Garden in Rome, 8 short videos with duration between 1 and 3 minutes, were recorded, narrating different wishes for more inclusive universities in Europe.

The commitments were expressed by:

  • Kutaiba Al Hussain, Central European University, Hungary
  • Josep Alsina Masmitjà, Universitat de Barcelona, Spain
  • Katarzyna Basisty, University of Warsaw, Poland
  • Ottavia Ciani and Giulia Falchi, University of Pavia, Italy
  • Ian Cook, Central European University, Hungary
  • Michelle Daly, University of Limerick, Ireland
  • Eleonora Miaci, Sapienza University of Rome, Italy
  • Angela Farrell, University of Limerick, Ireland
Each video was then posted as part of the #uni4diversity campaign to raise awareness on the importance of universities taking a clear stand towards inclusion.
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