Social Media Pack

The social media pack is an open resource available online for anyone willing to support the #Uni4diversity campaign. This is an awareness-campaign organized by the UNI(di)VERSITY project aimed at building socially responsible universities by creating a culture in which diversity is valued and social inclusion of migrants and refugees is achievable.

To that aim, we invite you to download the templates hereafter to spread the word among your networks and invite anyone willing to share their commitments for more inclusive universities to participate. The social media pack offers 3 ready-to-go banners and accompanying texts that can be shared on Twitter, Linkedin, Facebook and Instagram.

Download the social media pack and start contributing to make universities a better place for migrants and refugees students!


  • Download the banners and the related texts for the posts
  • Create a post on Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin or Instagram with the banner and the text
  • Add the hashtag #uni4diversity
  • Tag the project @unidiversity on Instagram
  • Share!

1) Participate in the #uni4diversity campaign and help build an inclusive environment in your university!

2) How do you make sure that migrants and refugees are feeling included in your university?

3) How does your university contribute to building an inclusive society where diversity is valued?