“The UNI(di)VERSITY Atlas of inclusion” is now published

The first output of the UNI(di)VERSITY project is now available in its interactive version online and in pdf for download. You can consult the Atlas and discover more here: http://www.unidiversity.eu/outputs/atlas/

The UNI(di)VERSITY Atlas of Inclusion presents a comparative analysis of 13 European Higher Education Institutions’ strategies for migrant and refugee inclusion as part of their social responsibility and diversity approach.

The Atlas showcases examples of support offered for migrants in a refugee(-like) situation. It discusses how these examples link to the overarching diversity and inclusion strategies, and how this link influences both the day-to-day implementation and the overall impact of the programmes.

The aim is to increase knowledge about outstanding and transferable HEIs’ strategies and approaches towards diversity and inclusion in relation to migration.