Higher Education can play a crucial role in providing solutions to societal challenges with reference to migration issues, rise in political polarisation, radicalisation and violent extremism.

European HEIs can help build inclusive societies in a context of increasing migration flows, demographic changes, and tensions related to identities and cultural diversity.

Building on a thousand-year tradition of international exchanges and openness to the world, universities are well positioned to lead the current societal transition and become the crucible of cosmopolitan societies that value cultural diversity and dialogue.

The uni4diversity awareness campaign consist of these components:


Several institutions in Europe have shared their commitment towards socially responsible universities, and to take the lead in creating a culture in which diversity is valued and social inclusion of migrants and refugees is achievable. See the testimonials collected!


The social media pack is an open resource available online for anyone willing to support the #Uni4diversity campaign. The social media pack offers 3 ready-to-go banners and accompanying texts that can be shared on Twitter, Linkedin, Facebook and Instagram. Download the social media pack and start contributing to make universities a better place for migrants and refugees students!


Refugee Students enter the lives of Robina, Bozhena e Sofia, three refugee students. The documentary captures what it means to be a refugee, the difficulties, the traces of the past, their cultures, and above all the new opportunities that Europe is giving them.