Screening of the documentary “Refugee Students” in Georgia

The documentary “Refugee Students” travelled to Georgia for a screening on March 13th 2023. The event was attended by alumni of GIZ’s program “Migration and Diaspora” together with their employers. The event was also attended by Masters students, who currently pursue Migration Studies in Georgian HEIs. The audience was of approximately 40 attendees. The Documentary […]

Legacy message by the UNI(di)VERSITY partners

Placing diversity at the heart of organisational culture improves the inclusion of migrants and refugees in the university Since the outbreak of the so-called refugee crisis in 2015, European Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) have made considerable efforts to facilitate access for newcomers, through a constellation of actions in different domains: financial support, admission procedures, recognition […]

Event “Inclusive universities in the era of migration” at Sapienza University of Rome on June 7th at 14.30

On Tuesday 7 June 2022 at 2.30 pm, the “Inclusive universities in the era of migration” event will be held by Sapienza University of Rome at the Aula Organi Collegiati  of the university Rectorate, organized as part of the UNI(di)VERSITY project, to discuss the strategies and role of European Higher Education Institutions for the creation of inclusive universities in the […]

Awareness-campaign on the strategies for migrant and refugee inclusion in Higher Education

On occasion of the 2021 International Migrants Day (18 December) and in the framework of the UNI(di)VERSITY project, Partners are launching an awareness-campaign about the role of universities on issues related to migrations, and on the strategies for migrant and refugee inclusion in HE. In a context of increasing migration flows, demographic changes, and tensions related to […]