Socially responsible university for inclusive societies in the era of migration

The Project

UNI(di)VERSITY builds upon the results of the inHERE project focused on supporting EU HEIs’ efforts to welcome refugee students and staff. The project broadens the scope of intervention in two ways:

  • It moves from a focus on sharing field practices towards sustaining institutional strategic planning, as this proved to be the most successful and sustainable approach to addressing such challenges.
  • It expands the scope of intervention to address HEIs’ responsibility towards inclusion, in relation to the migration phenomenon impacting European societies.

Duration: December 2022


Associate Partners


About outstanding and transferable HEIs’ strategies and approaches towards diversity and inclusion in relation to migration;

And support discussion on HEIs’ role as key actors in promoting inclusion and cultural diversity, and addressing related societal challenges.

Amongst the European academic community concerning the social responsibility of HEIs on inclusion in relation to the phenomenon of migration.

In the development of 360-degree institutional strategies that cover the full range of universities’ activities (research, teaching, administration, “third mission”).

And achievements in a comprehensive framework for action that would support HEIs’ strategic planning in this domain across Europe.

Expected Impact

The project intervention will increase knowledge, inspire commitment, sensitise, and empower European HEIs leaders, managers and staff from different structures (governance bodies, third mission office, international relations office, student services, faculty and research department leaders) in relation to migration issues, to act as agents of change in their own institutions and academic community, and throughout Europe.